Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day at the beach

Last weekend I took Lucia to Carlsbad, California to hang out with my sister's family in Lego Land. Lego Land is just really weird and kind of creepy because the Lego structures are all faded-- it's bordering a little bit on haunted Lego Land. My sister was obsessed with how the management could ever keep up with the dilapitating Lego structures. It's a valid concern. The 280,000 piece mini Taj Majal must be a bitch to rebuild.

Thankfully, we only spent one day at Lego Land. The rest of the time we lazed on the beach with the surfers and stoners and boob jobs. There are a LOT of boob jobs in Southern California and they aren't trying to be subtle. Anyway, while I mused in my practical black bikini about what it would be like to be blonde, Lucia had a wholly different experience. (Thank GOD!) I remember being a kid at the ocean-- soft sand, infinite water, sun sun sun. I was never bored at the ocean.

I still don't get bored at the ocean. I read, I people watch, I tan, I swim. But I'm a grown up. I know I'll have to leave beach-heaven at some point. I don't get the sand-salt water-sun intoxication I got when I was a kid. Last weekend, I watched Lucia and it all came back. Between applications of sunscreen and snack breaks, she engaged in the opposite of boredom. She wandered down the beach to the Boccie Ball game where she and her cousins giggled at the old guys barking "shit, fuck and damn." She practiced walking and stomping and running on the sand, contemplating the effects of her feet on the sand. She actually sat for a good 15 minutes, staring at the Pacific, singing to herself.

When I was in my twenties, someone told me that having a child was a great opportunity to have the childhood you never got to have. I actually did get to have that beach-heaven childhood, but now that I'm a parent I get to have it again. That's sweet.

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